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The Silver Globe at the Kitchen by Aida Ruilova

Posted by thebunnybrains on November 20, 2007 at 8:49 PM

My stint at th Kitchen is over and a welling opal pillow of emptyness follows.Aida crackerjacked her velvet whip and sandpaper tongue and molded a great show out of sticks and stones. The gas fumes of opening night were enough to blow up the building,but they were natural like a woman.DAis took her cues from Harryhausen and Clint Eastwood(the reggae unit) and Mary Martin as Peter Pan and Tobe Hoopers chicken bone strewn floor in Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Mahler and Joe Torre,she kept punching away at the thing and it finally went over the fence,Thanxxx Aida u kinda rool..xxdd..
By the way here is what the New York Times wrote.."As for ?The Silver Globe,? I made it to the Kitchen in time (thankfully this city is hopelessly unpunctual; it started around 8:15), logging five Performa events that day. The reward was a hedonistic, wild mix of film, live music (including Ian Vanek of Japanther), dance and sculpture.

Ms. Ruilova exploited Caitlin Cook?s seductive, anarchistic energy, offsetting the choreographer-musician?s grungy glamour against densely satisfying audio and visual bursts. As the singer Daniel Seward menacingly crooned, ?We never, ever, ever, ever, ever do anything nice and easy.? I didn?t recognize myself in it, but it was unrecognizably, irresistibly itself. I leaned forward. "

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